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Treasures of China  Travel Itinerary 

Day 1

Depart the USA.


Day 2 ~ Beijing

After your arrival in Beijing and going through the airport formalities, you will be met by local guide and transferred to the hotel.

Although the area southwest of Beijing was inhabited by early humans some 500,000 years ago the earliest recorded settlements in the Chinese historical sources date from 1045 BC. It emerged as a cultural and political force that would shape the destiny of China only with the 13th century Mongol occupation of China. The city’s name Beiping (Northern Peace) dates from the 14th century when the first Ming emperor Hongwu renamed it. During the Ming rule Beijing was considerably expanded. Later with the Manchus invasion the Qing dynasty was established. The city changed hands with some foreign or domestic forces, the last time it happened in 1949 when the Peoples’ Liberation Army entered Beijing and soon it was declared ‘Peoples Republic’ by Mao Zedong.

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Treasures of China

Based on 18 days/ 16 nights

Imagine one tour that offers some great treasures of the country with a civilization stretching back continuously some five thousand years, this is Treasures of China; learn more about friendly people who had been pioneers in so many of the world's inventions throughout the history. 

2023 Tour Dates

April 12 - 29

September 10 - 27

NOTE: For price information and services included, please click on the link of the day-by-day itinerary at the bottom of the page. Please contact us if you may have questions, need more information or for reservation.

Trip Includes:

Accommodation for 16 nights at selected 4 and 5 star  hotels


All breakfasts


All dinners - except on free day,  on day  13


Two small bottles of water per day/per guest


All transfers


Leshan boat ride


Five City Lake boat ride


Li River Cruise


All entry fees to the sites mentioned in bold


Local guides


4  domestic flights (Beijing-Xian/Xian-Chengdu/Chengdu-Guilin/Guilin-Shanghai)


Complete information package with itineraries, travel and visa information, and luggage tags

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