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Treasures of Travel Resources

We have accommodated individuals and small parties for over three decades and are able to offer you services to suit your schedule and special interests. Whether you are looking for a single private car sightseeing in Istanbul after a cruise, a personalized itinerary to include special sites, a private family tour, a leisurely trip for a handicapped traveler, etc., we will "custom-tailor" special arrangements for you at reasonable rates

We Can Provide

  • A full range of accomodations

  • Escorted sightseeing by private car, minivan or bus

  • Self drive car rentals

  • Transfers and other transportation services

  • Hiring guides, drivers, interpreters and lecturers

  • Visits to sites of special interest

  • Commercial and professional visits

  • Domestic airline arrangements

  • Small boat and yacht charters

Travel Tips

As you plan to set out on your adventurous trip, it's advisable to consider some tips:


"When in Rome do as Romans do",    

is the best way to describe some of them. Travel lightly for your own comfort. Stay humble and respective to the native people's customs and traditions. It's important to travel relaxed, with patience and good spirit, as things may not always work the same way, as at home, but isn't the aim of traveling to discover something new and different from what we already have and know?! The experience which enhances the appreciation of what we possess, as well as makes us admire other peoples and their home countries for unique lifetime experience they could offer.

Travel Resources

We enjoy helping our friends with travel arrangements in Turkey, the Middle East, Europe, the Balkans, Central Asia, the South Caucasus, North Africa and China.

Our partners at Passport Visas Express can assist you in obtaining a passport and/or visas for your trip. As a special incentive please use discount code TOT10 when placing your order to receive 10% off of the service fee.

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