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Treasures of Travel Tours

We are proud of our unique and personal approach to travel. Our tours are carefully designed and meticulously planned to offer as wide a range of exposure to history and culture as possible. In addition to the regularly scheduled group tours described in detail below, we are happy to design custom itineraries and special interest tours. With our travel destinations, we focus not just on the destination alone, but the history and culture which profoundly affects a majority of our guests and opeir eyes and hearts.  We hope to share this with you.

 Tours & Itineraries for 2024

 Classic Turkey

Imagine one tour that offers a combination of unusual and intriguing natural wonders; inspiring archaeological and historical sites; beautiful beaches; fascinating museums and exotic bazaars. This is it!


Eastern Turkey & the Black Sea

Experience traveling through the land of legends such as Noah’s Ark, Garden of Eden, splendid sceneries of ancient Mesopotamia and Fertile Crescent, and the part of the world with the footprints of millenniums-old.


 Treasures of Morocco

This tour gives you the opportunity to explore and take with you the unforgettable memories of the country, beautifully located at the meeting point of Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.


 Jewels of the Balkans

The Balkans- true mosaic of people of different cultural, religious and historical backgrounds. The birthplace of the Cyrillic alphabet and home to some well-known, important citizens such as Tito and Mother Teresa...

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