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Three Versions of Egypt Tour

Egypt,  home to one of the still existing wonders of the ancient world and many more other iconic monuments, never fails to fascinate and offer lifetime experience. Country's rich historical and cultural treasure,along with ever mysterious archaeological sites remain popular interest worldwide, combined with romantic cruise along the world's longest river truly dazzles the senses. Egypt is undoubtedly a world of wonder worth discovering.


All below mentioned tours are special offer, with private guide and transportation on land  and cruise even we have 1 guest; In case of 7 or less guests there will be a separate cruise guide on cruise and different land guides on land portion of the tour. Although when there are 8 or more guests, there will be one and the same private guide all throughout the tour both on land and cruise.

For more detailed information about the day-by-day itineraries, prices and services included, please click on 'suggested itinerary' buttons below.

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