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The Legendary Silk Road of China and Central Asia

The legendary Silk Road- a historically important trade route between China and the Mediterranean has been fascinating the world for over two millennia. Besides being the first international trade route, it also served as a splendid cultural bridge linking the countries and civilizations of China, Central Asia, India, Persia, Arabia, Greece and Rome, mingling people, and at the same time enabling them to exchange new ideas, religions, inventions and so on, besides doing trade business. The Silk Road is now included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

For years the art, old crafts, and cultural traditions of the gems of the Silk Road, West China and Central Asia, lay undiscovered. Now we have the opportunity to experience what many travelers and merchants did for thousands of years, by getting to know truly captivating history of West China and Central Asia combined with stunning scenery, the heartwarming, generous instinctive hospitality and heritage of deep rooted ethnic people; haunting feeling of local atmosphere of the ancient trading posts and the evidence of nomadic empires; discovering the inheritance of colorful art and crafts, fabled cities, traditions, cuisine and many more things beyond that which this part of the world has in store for us thanks to being one of the major circles of the legendary trade chain.

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