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Custom Design Private  Tours

Dear friends and interested guests,


Under 'Custom Design Private Tours' we have listed some of the most interesting and favorite destinations ready for your exploration. Itineraries presented here aren't meant as preplanned tours, instead they are just the example outline of the adventure based on the highlights of the particular country. We hope to be able to meet the special needs and expectation of the interested group or individual travelers with listed itineraries, which, with the same purpose, could be changed in any possible way according to your desire and specific interest to make it your own unique experience of the mentioned countries.

Custom Design Private Tours & Itineraries 

 Timeless Egypt

An extraordinary land, Egypt is rich in awe-inspiring temples and monuments, and possesses great natural beauty as well.  You will gaze in wonder at the legendary Pyramids, marvel at the vast treasures and antiquities of Tutankhamun's Tomb, and glide past impressive feats of architecture as you cruise the famous Nile River.


 Treasures of Jordan & Israel

This educational and spiritual journey to Jordan and Israel takes you through the bible and history, giving you the opportunity to experience the local peoples' unique heritage and ancient culture, magnificent landscapes, archeological sites and much more.

 Treasures of Turkey

Imagine one tour that offers the combination of unusual and intriguing natural wonders; inspiring archaeological and historical sites, beautiful beaches, fascinating museums and exotic bazaars. 

In the Footsteps of St Paul & Seven Churches of Revelation

This is a Christian religious journey through Turkey and Greece covering many sites which Paul the Apostle visited during his missionary journeys; as well as the Seven Churches which St. John mentioned in the Book of Revelation; 

 Treasures of the Balkans

This tour gives a wonderful opportunity to explore the Balkan countries - true mosaic of people of different cultural, religious and historical backgrounds. Many of the cities and towns in the area are living museums, generously sprinkled with historical remains from the Roman times and onwards;

 Treasures of Armenian Heritage In Turkey

Imagine walking through Anatolia, modern Turkey with ever-changing landscape of 2,800 years Armenian heritage and history.

Three Versions of Egypt Tour

Egypt,  home to one of the still existing wonders of the ancient world and many more other iconic monuments, never fails to fascinate and offer lifetime experience. Country's rich historical and cultural treasure,along with ever mysterious archaeological sites remain popular interest worldwide, combined with romantic cruise along the world's longest river truly dazzles the senses. Egypt is undoubtedly a world of wonder worth discovering.

 Treasures of Jordan

Jordan, the land of ancient Nabataens, builders of the incredible city of Petra, the famous desert landscapes of Wadi Rum, where Lawrence of Arabia wandered, the country which attracted big influential powers of ancient times.



Turkish Delights.JPG

 Treasures of Istanbul

This journey takes you from the ancient history of Istanbul including the Neolithic time, and leads, enriches and enlightens you through layers of civilizations on top of one another and finally connects you to the present city. 

 Walk & Sail 

What is better way to experience and explore the natural wonders of Turkey than on foot?  Moderate 4-5 mile walks each day will take you through the valleys of Cappadocia,  to the Mediterranean harbor city of  Antalya to board a private gulet for a week.

 Treasures of  Greece

This is the country full of legendary historic sites which span four millennia, where a visit can still seem like a personal discovery; the home to renowned Gods, Goddesses and mythology, who we learn about in our early childhood. 

 Treasures of Jewish Heritage In Turkey

This tour offers a wonderful combination of past and present Jewish Heritage in Turkey going back to the Roman times.


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