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Travel Tips

As you plan to set out on your adventurous trip, it's advisable to consider some tips:


"When in Rome do as Romans do"

is the best way to describe some of them. Travel lightly for your own comfort. Stay humble and respective to the native people's customs and traditions. It's important to travel relaxed, with patience and good spirit.


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  Welcome to Treasures of Travel

Every travel experience is targeted at enhancing the knowledge about that particular country of the world and its inhabitants, acquired unique experience can't be compared to anything; while learning through reading and seeing documentary is both educational and motivating, " seeing is believing". Our aim is to build bridges between cultures for better understanding, integrity, quality and individuality, offering our guests to explore some of the most fascinating, ancient countries of the world, the cradles of  civilizations, which have contributed so much to our modern world,  experience of the well preserved historical and cultural heritage of each destination distinctive and incomparable in its own way.


During the decades of guiding guests through this experience, we have found the best way to travel-small groups and private tours, traditional hotels and restaurants, guides who know and love their country and are delighted to share their knowledge with you.


As James Michener said... "If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion, and avoid the people, you might better stay at home".


Let's not stay at home - let's explore and learn about the world we live in, and collect the travel treasures in our treasure box!

Attention to Detail

Each tour is planned with the utmost attention to detail, with particular emphasis placed on the special interests of the group members

Passport & Visa Services

Our partners at passport visa express can assist you in obtaining a passport and/or visas for your trip. As a special incentive please use discount code TOT10 when placing your order to receive 10% off of the service fee.  

Tour Experience...

Eastern Turkey Tour

“We know you have many choices when you fly and……”   Ah, yes, as with airlines, we have many choices of tour groups.  As a frequent traveler, I place Treasures of Travel at the tip-top of preferred tours.  Our trip to Eastern Turkey was so much more than a typical tour of traveling to see sights.  With the extensive knowledge and background of our guide, we did see sights but ahead of stops, we were fully prepared with the history, the archaeology, the current situations of every place we visited.   With our small group, which is a highlight of Treasures of Travel, we were able to make unplanned stops that fed interests of us as travelers.  For example, Kurdish nomads were moving their sheep and cows to the mountains for the summer.  When we came across a family camped near the road, we stopped and had an enlightening visit with them.  Delicious traditional meals were enjoyed in small, local cafes and restaurants, eating with local citizens.  Hotels were located in centers of towns, very comfortable and where we were able to walk and enjoy the sights, sounds and people of the towns.   As well as tourists are able, Treasures of Travel dips their guests into the culture, the lifestyles, the history, the geography of the countries being visited.  When people ask me about my trip, my first words are, “It was the trip of a lifetime.”  I can hardly wait for the next Treasures of Travel trip!


Judy Miranda / California


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